About Productivity Consulting

I love completing projects in an elegant fashion.  

I build tools and processes to improve productivity in work and in all aspects of life. I build inclusive teams and support their development, particularly in the areas of process, quality, knowledge, and communication.

I earned an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Exeter University in the UK, worked as a computer programmer in the mainframe era, completed a Ph. D in Theoretical Chemistry at Oxford University, and became a software consultant with Logica at the dawn of microcomputing, moving from London to Boston in 1984.

I was privileged to be present at the birth of the Internet age and to work with brilliant colleagues at Open Market and edocs, many of whom went on to innovate widely and build new companies. I’ve been deeply shaped by working in these environments, on teams steeped in enthusiasm, commitment, and unequivocal high standards. I’ve applied these values to all my work, managing project teams and collaborating in the development of products.

Now, as an independent consultant, I am applying those same skills and values to solving organizational problems, driven by a commitment to the highest standards. 

I can help you if you:

  • Have an immediate need for a project manager to steer a project to a satisfactory conclusion
  • Have a gap in your team needing to be filled by someone with broad experience and the ability to catalyze long-term change
  • Have a need to build a compelling technical white paper or proposal
  • Are lacking documentation and want to develop a process for capturing and sharing technical knowledge
  • Want to establish processes and tools for continual improvements in productivity

I’d love to chat.

Email me at graham@productivityconsulting.net

Or contact me through LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/ProductivityConsulting